Product FAQ

My magnets won’t stay together! Are they defective?

Probably not. You’re experiencing one of these problems:

- Your baby has officially out grown the Puj Tub. If they are over 17 pounds or older than 6 months old, they have outgrown the Puj Tub.

- The Puj Tub isn’t resting on the edge of the sink. It fits best in a sink that is 12 inches by 14 inches and at least 6 inches deep.

- The bottom of the Puj Tub is touching the bottom of the sink, which puts pressure on the flap that’s held together with magnets. It actually should rest on the edge of the sink.

If none of these match your experience, contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.

What does Puj mean?

It means pudge. Your pudge. Your baby. Your reason for being. Your bundle of joy.

How do you pronounce Puj?

Just think of a pudgy baby and you will know how to say it. At puj we develop modern products to simplify parenthood. We do this so you can focus on what is most important…your little puj.